Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Arctic

I have to be totally honest...I have really been fighting the temptation stop blogging about preschool.  We are still doing fun activities, Parker is learning a lot, and I am more proud of him than ever, but I just can't seem to find a time to blog in this busy season of life!  Then I started looking back through the weeks and I just can't quite.  So, I've decided to simplify things and mostly show pictures of what we did throughout the weeks.  Finding the pictures of the books and is the most time consuming part, so I'm eliminating that.  Sorry to disappoint!  

We are continuing to learn Psalm 23, graph the weather, and work through reading lessons.

We played a math game where we took turns rolling the dice and put that many blocks in our mason jar.  Whoever filled theirs up the fastest won.

Then, he counted his up and line them up.  

I did the same thing with mine.  
We lined them up next to each other to see how many more he had than me.

The theme for the week was "The Arctic."  Our neighbor girl came over for Penguin day.

The kids tried waddling with the "egg" on their toes.

They tried passing it back and forth without it touching the floor, but it was hard!  Then we read a book about Penguins, and learned about how their skin repelled water because it was waxy.

The kids colored a penguin with black crayon.

Then they dripped water on it to see it bead up on top.
Finally, the book we read compared the size of the six different kinds of penguins.  We measured them out on the floor.  And figured out which one was the tallest and which was the shortest.

Then we saw which penguin Parker was closest to.

The next day we read about Polar Bears, and did this number matching activity.  Each unique polar bear sticker was assigned a number.  Then he had to match the correct stickers to the correct numbers (11-15).  Adley was coloring, too =)

We read about the blubber that polar bears have.  Parker dipped his bare hand in ice water.

Then we put a baggie over his hand and coated it with crisco (gross).  
He dipped it in and it didn't feel near as cold.

Lastly, we did our first ever handwriting practice.  I gave him his pencil with his grotto grip, showed him how to hold it, and he loved it!  He did like 5 of these pages =)  He seems so OLD working on handwriting. I remember working on handwriting at home with my mom.  Crazy.

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