Monday, August 25, 2014

Preschool Made Easy - Downloadable Lesson Plans!

Here are the WHOLE YEAR'S lesson plans.  Download and add your own personal twist.  Enjoy!

Supplies and Printables Checklist

Some of my friends are tackling Parker Prep for their kids this year.  I'm so flattered!  Anyone can do it.  It just takes a bit of preparation, organization, patience, and structure. I HIGHLY recommend trying to do "Preschool" at the same time on the same three days so your child is mentally prepared each day to do their best in their first school experience!  Structure is a good thing =)

Here are a list of the supplies I used and links to where I got them.  A lot of this stuff I just happened to have, or my mom and mother-in-law had, so if you have similar supplies, just use those!  When buying supplies from Hobby Lobby, make sure to use their 40% off coupons (found at each week)!  I would usually go with my husband and we would each do a transaction so we could get the two most expensive items at 40% off.  Happy Preschooling!

Write/Type Verse Cards for each letter. Find the verses on the blog posts or print them out here.
Circle Magnets
Letter Flashcards - Whatever you choose, make sure they have upper and lower case letters on them.
Number Flashcards
Shapes Flashcards
Construction Paper
Assortment of Buttons
Washable Paint
Dot stickers
Puff Balls
Clothes Pins
Pipe Cleaners
Pattern Blocks
Magnetic Letters - These are what I have, but you can use any kind.
Lacing Cards - I found mine that the Target Dollar Spot.  It doesn't really matter what theme they are.
Magnet Wand
Sensory Bin - Something big enough that both hands can fit in, but their whole body can't =)
Popsicle Sticks 
Water Beads
Glue Sticks
Kid Scissors
Food Coloring
Paint Gradient Samples - Free at Home Depot or anywhere that sells paint
Scrapbook Paper - Whatever you have laying around
Eye Dropper - Probably in your medicine cabinet
Toilet Paper Rolls
Paper Towel Rolls
Plastic Eggs
Egg Cartons
Candy Hearts
Heart Stickers - Buy for cheap in February
Tiny Milk Cartons - Ask a local school
Playdoh - Make your own if you want!
Various Seeds
Shaving Cream
Corn Starch
Coffee Filters
Small Cereal Box
Long Rubberbands
Various Noodles
Various Jars
Mega Blocks/Legos - Use whatever you have

Re-telling Story Printables
Cat in the Hat Matching
Firetruck Number Puzzle
Oviporous vs. Mammals Sorting
Roll-The-Dice Nativity
Olympic Matching Game
Tulip Clip
Pattern Block Mats
The Mitten
Where the Wild Things Are Shapes and Numbers
Spring Scavenger Hunt

Because I REALLY want you to succeed, these lesson plans have all of my ideas, all the book names, and it will help you prepare things a little easier and in advance.  Download them HERE!