Tuesday, February 3, 2015

An Educational Christmas

Last year I had preschool plans all the way up until the week of Christmas, but I found them impossible to fit in.  This year, we had regular preschool plans through the first week of December, and the rest of the month was educational Christmas activities whenever we could fit them in.  

We read Bible passages from our Advent calendar and sang Christmas carols every night.

Parker stamped up some Christmas cards.

Made a gingerbread family.

 I made this felt Christmas tree for him two years ago. He still likes it =)

We still did handwriting activities and reading lessons.

 These little cards were fun.  He could match up the characters, or mix and match.

 We colored ornaments.

Nothing says Christmas like cranberry-orange bread!  He loved juicing and testing the orange.

 He strung pony beads on a pipe cleaner to make a candy cane.

 We did this last year, too. I love this scrapbook paper tree!

A scratch-off Rudolph.

And a sticker nativity scene.

We had a playdate with friends where we made cut out cookies and played Christmassy games.  
It was so much fun!

We read a TON of Christmas books throughout the month, we really tried to emphasize the true meaning of Christmas - the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!!
Merry Christmas and happy learning!

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