Friday, November 21, 2014

Land and Plants

This week we started learning more about the 3rd Day of Creation - Land and Plants

Day 1

We started by saying the date, and filling in our weather graph.  We are working on understanding questions using "altogether," and "how many more."  Parker is really good with graphs!

I have been trying to get him to memorize what numbers 11-15 look like, but he wasn't catching on, so I tried another strategy.  We looked at the hundreds chart and noticed that if you cover up the 1 in 11-15, it's just like counting 1 to 5.  So, I had him order numbers 11-15 by doing just that.   He got it!

We sang the Day 3 of Creation song, read

and skimmed

We talked about the different parts of a plant, and what parts of plants we have in our house.  (Broccoli, Pumpkin seeds, Green Onions, Sweet Potatoes, Apples, etc).  

He did this parts of a plant puzzle from last year.

We read through the word families from last week, and then did our next reading lesson.  

Later that day, we got out the sensory bin and put squishy sand and rocks inside so he could play with different types of "land."

Day 2

After the usual intro, I got out some nomenclature cards I printed off from a Montessori Resource.  You can read there about how they promote literacy.  These were all nature-based, so they covered what we've been learning so far in creation.  

I lined up the first row that had the picture and the word underneath.  We read through those, and then we made the second row of the same pictures, and he had to find the correct word to go underneath it.

Next, we read 

and then we played with the materials in the Tree Discovery Backpack from the library.

We finished with our reading lesson, and we've been reading this chapter book before bed each night.

Day 3

We started with a push-pin tree.  I think those little fingers are getting stronger.  We'll be ready for a pencil soon. I was actually going to start him the other day and we didn't even have a sharp one.  haha

We read

and talked about what happened to the plants and the weather to tell the animals it was time to hibernate.  Then we sorted animals that hibernate and animals that do not.  My parents got Parker a match game from their vacation to Washington, so that had a lot of great animal pictures.  I also used blocks so I could have enough of both kinds of animals.

We did our next reading lesson and kept reading Nate the Great.

Throughout the week, we also listened to this book on CD.

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